Wednesday Wants

November 15, 2017

If you followed my previous blog posts, then you are familiar with Wednesday Wants. If you are new, WELCOME! + Wednesday Wants are items I do not currently own, but lust over. Hint, hint. Wink, wink <—- that’s for you Victor & Mom.

How plush does this sweater look? And in cerulean?! Doesn’t get more Devil Wears Prada than that.

A metallic midi skirt is a perfect year round piece. You can pair it with a spaghetti body suit for date night, a button down top for the office, or a ruffle sleeve sweater for a comfy but chic holiday outfit.

I have these mules in buff and they are SO. COMFY. It also helps that I receive endless compliments when I wear them. Plus, they are on sale for under $35. It only makes sense at this point to add the black to my collection. *clicks add to cart*

Millennial pink is alive and well. Add it to a bell sleeve sweater and call me basic, I will still be obsessed with how effortlessly you can style this piece.

I personally love these AGOLDE jeans, but I’m not sure my thighs will cooperate. I will still yearn from afar. High waist, ripped knees, slightly loose fit— ooh, talk dirty to me. Also, AGOLDE is made from the creative minds behind Citizens of Humanity at a slightly lower price point. Emphasis on slightly.

Again, with the millennial pink. Silk pillowcases have numerous benefits for both your hair and skin. I have had my eye on the SLIP pillowcases for  years. My hair is half healthy, half ready to snap at any moment (thank you silver hair obsession), and ANYTHING I can do to improve the current status is a yes from me.

When Andee Layne from The Honeybee featured Colleen Rothschild products on her blog, I instantly needed to know more. I am also an admitted product fiend. I have dabbled with retinols before and had extremely harsh side effects or no change at all. I LOVE the fact that this retinol  is in oil form. I also heard about mandelic acid on The Skinny Confidential’s His & Her podcast, and seeing it on Andee’s blog makes me want to try it even more. I think the combination of the retinol + this mandelic acid serum may be the answer to my skin prayers.

A simple google search of Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation will yield numerous videos of Beauty YouTuber’s singing endless praises. I don’t really need much more convincing than that.

That’s all for now, keep wanting!

-xx, Lauren

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