Get To Know Me – The Basics

November 17, 2017

I’m Lauren.  I was born in Central Florida and lived in Deltona (yes DELtona, not DAYtona) until I was six years old.  My mom’s job relocated our family to South Florida, so having spent the rest of my “formative” years of life in Plantation, I consider myself a South Florida Native.

If you’ve read my About section you know I’m a graduate of The Florida State University (Go Noles!).  I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Retail Merchandising and Product Development.  As an RMPD major I had big dreams of living in New York city post-graduation, posting IG photos from my posh SOHO apartment with a job all my peers would envy.  And as the saying goes…ignorance is bliss (heavy sigh).

I’ve learned at the ripe old age of 26 (totally kidding but semi-depressed I am closer to 30 than 20 – another heavy sigh) that the more you talk about your life plans, the less likely they go as planned.  I can just vision my 20 year-old self sitting back with a bag of popcorn chuckling about how I was oh so wrong as my life panned out very different than my pre-graduation expectations.

I returned home after graduation in May of 2013, and just over a year ago I moved right back to my old college stomping grounds.  It’s definitely been an adjustment.

I’m an Employee Benefits Producer for Brown & Brown Insurance. Essentially I help businesses, both small and large, review and/or implement their employee benefits package, as well as guide them through the ever changing healthcare landscape.  I know what you’re thinking…retail degree and working as an insurance broker?

Let’s get a little more personal!  I never pass up an invite to happy hour or brunch.  I love productive days, even on the weekends.  Victor, who is my person/personal photographer/chauffeur, loves (hates) our weekend trips (errands).  At the moment I am really into self-improvement/motivational reads and podcasts, so I am digesting as many as I humanly can.

I have two 6 year old cats named Dexter & Rita.  AND after what has seemed like an eternity of serious groveling, we now have a 6 month old puppy named Goose.  And no, the cats and pup do not get along. Actually the cats heavily dislike Goose despite his unwavering attempts at companionship….albeit unsuccessful so far.

So now you have the basics about me (even though I am so not basic LOL).  I look forward to sharing more about my life.  My vision for this blog is to grow together and learn more about each other.  Please send me your thoughts about what you would like to see along with a little blurb about you.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren

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