Fall Flare

November 30, 2017


**If you are ogling any part of this outfit drop what you are doing and call Elle | Market RIGHT NOW!**

I wasn’t a huge fan of flare jeans on myself. I despised them for so long because I felt the flare at the bottom did not flatter the athletic build of my quads and hamstrings. I know now that is silly, but we are also our own worst critics.

The weather in Tallahassee has been a bit cooler, so I’ve been able to rock my new prized flare possessions more often. The higher rise denim paired with a chunky turtle neck cropped sweater is the perfect outfit to get you through Florida winters. AKA cold in the morning, and absolutely perfect weather in the afternoon.

Side note, if you are ever in Tallahassee, I highly recommend grabbing a Matcha Lemonade from Catalina Cafe at Cascades Park. I don’t think mine lasted much longer after the picture above was taken. Plus, Cascades park is absolutely beautiful no matter the weather.

What are you favorite pair of denim to wear as of late?

-xx, Lauren.


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