Keep It Cool

December 1, 2017

I really think Goose is getting the hang of this blogging thing ;P

But seriously, how stinking cute is he?! Alright enough, my dog mom is showing.

I feel super powerful in this outfit. It’s the perfect mix of business and casual, and can certainly go from work to happy hour.

Maybe it’s a rule you have to feel (or be) powerful when wearing a red lip? I can roll with that.

While this outfit is extremely simple, the details are what I enjoy most. There on star studs on the front of the grey t-shirt, you can see them peaking out in one photo above. And I lo0o0o0ve these lace up heels, major Target win! Another huge thank you to the beauties at Elle | Market for helping me rock these Tallahassee streets in style. I wasn’t lying a few posts back when I said they are a fashion savior!

What is your go-to outfit to take you from business to pleasure?

-xx, Lauren.

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