Gift Guide For Him

December 4, 2017


As if you needed me to remind you. I mean, Christmas decorations have been in store since October. We’ve been reminded enough.

What slips our mind is buying gifts for our loved ones until it is too late.

I am here to help! Kicking off this week with a, as titled, gift guide for the guy in your life (dad, brother, boo, friend).

We’re covering five categories: fashion, footwear, accessories, fragrance, and tech.


I think this chambray button down is a classic, but has a modern twist because it is collarless. And it’s on sale! Schwing.

Canada Goose is a well known brand in the outerwear world. Puffer jackets are everywhere right now, and this style is perfect combo of functional and timeless.

Man or woman, a huge majority of us will agree that Levi’s is a quintessential denim brand. I love the vintage appearance to this pair.


I am a huge fan of Nike’s flyknit sneaker. I even got Victor hooked a few years ago, and it’s all we have purchased since I found them. Nike combining their flyknit and roshe into one sneaker sounds like working out on heaven’s clouds. Perfect pair of sneakers to take you from gym look to day look.

Victor purchased a pair of Ferragamo’s a few years ago, and they are one of his most favorite footwear purchases. Sadly, the pair he purchased is a dress shoe, which isn’t functional for him day to day. When I sought his help cultivating this gift guide, these Ferragamo Drivers caught his eyes immediately. Don’t get your hopes up Vic, Santa is not bringing them for Christmas this year…

Let’s see how many times I can say Victor in this post.

…well, these white converse high tops are all Victor wears. He may be on his third or fourth pair at this point. I can’t blame him though. They are affordable and go with everything.


Black Ray-Ban Polarized sunglasses are as classic as classic gets. Help that man in your life channel his inner Top Gun pilot with a pair.

Everyone needs at least one belt in their arsenal. I love the look of this Tumi belt that mixes leather and ballistic nylon.

From my years working at Louis Vuitton, I noticed men consolidating their wallets. This Ferragamo wallet is perfect for the man in your life looking to declutter his pockets.


I am not going to sit here and tell you all the notes of these colognes. You need this, this, and this.

Why? Because Victor has all three and I think he smells scrumptious wearing them. Also, when I want to wear a muskier scent I nab these from them. Well, nabbed. He hid them from me so I couldn’t use anymore 🙁


I think guys tend to be a little more tech forward than woman. Maybe it’s the inner workings of it all, similar to the movements of a watch. WHO KNOWS.

The Apple Watch is a smart (pun intended) buy for man or woman. I will say I have seen more guys rocking one, and the design tends to lean more masculine than feminine IMO.

We own this wireless speaker. This little guy packs some serious punch. We quite literally take it every where. Great price, great product, great quality.

We also own this Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad. Beware, it is only compatible with the iPhone 8/8+ or iPhone X. It’s compact, and gets the job done fast. Despite it’s current reviews on Apple, it gets an A+ from us.


What are you thinking of getting for the men in your life?

-xx, Lauren.

2 responses to “Gift Guide For Him”

  1. Melanie says:

    I bought Anthony converse for our upcoming anniversary, but I bought navy because I figured white would get dirty immediately. How does Victor keep his clean??

    • lwallll91 says:

      He doesn’t! Haha He either buys a new pair. Or you can mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in a small bowl and apply with toothbrush. Let them sit in the sun for about 5 hours. Tap the shoes together on the soles to remove the dried mixture. You can brush off remaining residue with white towel. That helped with his white workout sneakers!

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