Put It In Neutral

December 7, 2017

On Sundays I love to explore. More of a leisurely explore. Brunch, maybe something after brunch, and then veg out all evening.

This past Sunday, Victor and I decide to venture to Apalachicola. Victor LOVES oysters, so we decided to go right to the source.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a day spent making memories. Even though this day was so simple, that’s what makes it so memorable. We ate at Up The Creek Raw Bar, ventured around town briefly (which isn’t hard because it’s small!), and finished the afternoon at Oyster City Brewing Co.

We couldn’t leave our little bud out of the action, so naturally he came with us.

I mean, how handsome are my two best buds?! Too bad we couldn’t bring Dex and Rita to make it a family affair.

What is your favorite Sunday past time?

-xx, Lauren.

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