Saturdays Seaside

December 26, 2017


This past Saturday my mom, Victor, Goose & I made our way west to Seaside, FL. If you haven’t been you need to make the trip. It is a quaint little beach town. Delicious restaurants and local shops are mere steps from the beach. The homes are straight out of a movie, and you can practically bike everywhere which appears to be the locals preferred form of transportation.

My dear friend Griff is home for the holidays visiting her family in her hometown of Niceville. Not too far from Seaside. We don’t get to see her often now that she lives in Virginia, so it was an easy decision to pop over and see her for a few hours of food, shopping and great company.

I really enjoy day trips. I like the fact that it is a day away from your normal reality and you get the luxury of sleeping in your own bed at night. Victor & my mom hadn’t been before, so it was a nice treat for them. Victor loved it so much we may be taking a long weekend in April. Ain’t gonna fight you on that one Vic 😉

Where would you go if you could take a quick trip somewhere?

-xx, Lauren.

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