2017 – What A Year

December 29, 2017

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the highs and lows of life, particularly the lows. Life is full of so many beautiful moments. I know for me personally if given too much time to sit and reflect, my mind can be immediately drawn to the woes of life. Negative thoughts yield negative energy, and I ain’t about all of that now.

Positive patty is here, and I want to take the time to reflect on how giving 2017 was. Might be easiest to break it down month to month.

February was a whirlwind of a month. Victor & I were able to take a weekend getaway to Biloxi, MS. to celebrate a dear friend’s 30th birthday. I also started a new job, in a new industry, and completely new products to learn. It was scary, but oh so exciting.

In March we were able to take the most beautiful vacation to Riviera Maya Mexico where we stayed at UNICO 20*87*. It was divine. The food, the butler service, the spa services, hot tubs on the balconies, ugh I’m nostalgic just reminiscing. I would definitely go back to this resort in a heart beat. Oh, and it’s an all inclusive adults only resort. Yes & yes!

April was a work heavy month. I had a week long training at our corporate office in Daytona, FL. which was actually a lot of fun. Not many individuals can say they’re training program for work are enjoyable. I was able to connect with a handful of other producers who were new to insurance or new to Brown & Brown. I passed my 2-15 licensing exam which was a relief. It is essentially the license we need to function as a broker. I also was able to attend a two day Employee Benefits symposium solely for Brown & Brown associates in Dallas, TX. This pooled together 200+ EB teammates in the company. We were educated on products in the market, new initiatives, various carrier partners, the list goes on.

July was one of my favorite months. I FINALLY GOT A PUPPY! Even though I found out end of May beginning of June about Goose, we didn’t actually pick my sweet boy up until July 1st. What a way to kick off a month?! Even though the travel back home wasn’t seamless, he was worth every hiccup. After finally having our sweet boy, Victor & I were able to spend the week of Fourth of July home in South Florida with our loved ones and friends.

In August I was able to attend yet another work training, this time in Detroit, MI. It has been a blessing to be able to connect with so many people in this company in such a short amount of time. I definitely have learned a lot in my time at Brown & Brown thus far.

September is a glorious month. FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY! It’s also Victor’s birthday month. We were able to attend the FSU v Alabama game in Atlanta, which was a blast despite the outcome. We did have a little hurricane the week after, but it gave Victor & I more time to spend together.

October, yet again a heavy football month: UM, Duke, & Louisville games. You might be thinking, “you all had a terrible season.” Bah humbug. Win or lose, we booze. I attended yet another Brown & Brown trip this month in Savannah, GA. This whole reflecting on the year really puts in to perspective all the travel that’s taken place…. Oh! And one of my dearest, dearest friends got engaged in October and we were there for the special moment! How fun!

November was the culmination of FSU’s home football games. Which we definitely sent off with a bang. Victor & I are proud to say as season ticket holders this year we made it to every game with the exception of the rescheduled ULM game. Although it’s sad to see the season end, my wallet and liver need a detox. No traveling for work this month,  I promise. This was also the first year Victor and I have flown solo on Thanksgiving. While we did miss having family around us, it was nice to have the holiday to share between just the two of us.

December is always a glorious month. You’re in the spirit of the holiday season, a new year is upon you, and you are invigorated to do better. My mom drove up from South Florida to spend Christmas with us. We ate a lot of food, drank way too much prosecco, and played a game of Monopoly that lasted far too long.

There are SO many more special moments that occurred this year, it’s just that these are the ones that are vivid in my mind.

All in all, this year has quite literally flown by. I have learned a lot about myself this year. I’m figuring out what I do and do not want out of this life I’m living and creating. While the future is always unknown, I welcome it with open arms because it’s only going to get better.

What are some of your most memorable moments of 2017? What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

-xx, Lauren.



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