Wednesday Wants

January 10, 2018

And we’re back with another week of Wednesday Wants! It really isn’t difficult to find things I’d like to buy, but I do try to keep them newer or more exciting.

This white dress is such a cute, classic style. It could be styled so many fun ways. A fun jacket and mules, fun shoes and loud jewelry, seriously the options are endless. It’s like a blank canvas in dress form.

I am desperate for a new pair of gym sneakers. It’s not that mine are falling part but they have most certainly seen better days. Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies featured this pair of Nike Sneakers on her IG stories, and I love the splatter look. She also boasted how comfortable they are. For someone who has been doing BBG for 20+ weeks now, and run multiple marathons, I think her opinion is well justified.

I have been wanting to up my game with my day to day wardrobe, and also my workout attire. I think how you look translates into how you feel. I want my workouts to exude the strength I feel when performing them. I also tend to be more excited to the gym when I have a cute outfit. I love this wrapped crop sweater for both the gym and a quick throw and go outfit for errands.

In my Sephora Review Post I raved about my love of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. They now have a hand cream!!! If there is one thing I don’t enjoy, it is the feeling of dry tight hands. I can only assume the hand creams will perform just as well as it’s body butter counterpart.

I always wondered the hype behind these beautiful boxed flowers. I questioned why a box of sixteen flowers cost $300?! They last a year people….one. whole. year. I don’t know how, or what kind of magic they sprinkle on these bad boys. I’d love to get my hands on these picture perfect Venus et Fleur roses.

Tatcha is always coming out with new innovative products while remaining true to their Japanese ingredients. The Deep Cleanse promises to leave skin feeling hydrated, more youthful, and help diminish the appearance of large pores. I do enjoy my current cleanser, but I am more than happy to try a product that will take my skin to the next level.

I have tried to find the perfect pair of false lashes. Something that is a little more glam than mascara, but not overly dramatic. I surprisingly, and recently, heard about Ardell’s Accent Lashes. Alternative to a full strip lash, and may provide the look I’m hoping to achieve. My local stores don’t carry this style so I may have to resort to yet another Amazon order (sarcasm here, it feels like I order something everyday on Prime).

Fenty Beauty is on their A game. Ever since launching a few short months ago, Rihanna has done nothing but release great product after great product. The packaging alone has me sold, but the sleek design of these plush matte lipsticks has me wanting every shade.

I love Wet n Wild’s Photofocus Liquid Foundation. I don’t know how it slipped under my beauty loving radar that they have a powder version!! Must get my hands on IMMEDIATELY.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.

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