Business or Pleasure?

January 11, 2018



 What better way to celebrate the day before Friday than a little two for one outfit post!

As much as I love clothes and adding great pieces to my closet, I don’t enjoy changing outfits all that much in one day. If I’m taking my outfit off it’s going to lead to putting pajamas on. And while pajama-esque attire is trending, you all don’t want me out in my actual pajamas.

If you keep a few quick items in your vehicle, at your desk at work, or even laid out and ready to go for when you get home from work, you can easily transition an outfit from work to after hours.

For instance, I swapped out a blazer for a denim jacket, and my leopard pumps for a pair of sneakers. You could also go sans jacket if you’re feeling extra frisky. I also went for a more neutral blush tone on the lip for work, and amped it up with a vivid pink for fun time. Remember when NARS Schiap was on every blogger known to existence? Well, I’m here to tell you I still love it, and it’s still alive.

Hopefully I’ve got a few wheels churning and you’re contemplating how to take your Friday work wear from business to pleasure.

What fun plans do you have to kick off this holiday weekend?

-xx , Lauren.

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