All Set

January 15, 2018


I’m quite ready for this cold weather to go away. It’s obviously not freezing cold here, but it’s cold enough that I’m ready for it to be gone.

I know people LOVE to dress for the fall with all the layering and what not. I am definitely more of a spring time gal.

You are handed a few days of sweater weather, and a few days that give you insight to how ungodly hot the summer will be. It’s all about balance right?

I also love spring and summer because I adore sets. You have an outfit you can wear at least four ways. Paired together, worn individually, it makes a hefty price tag on some items worth the versatility of the pieces.

Elle | Market carries Misa Los Angeles, and boy do they have some great sets. I can think of so many ways I can make this set appropriate for both work and play. I also can get into off the shoulder tops being in style for a bit longer. I feel like they make every woman’s décolletage look so dainty and feminine.

Which season inspires your wardrobe the most?

-xx, Lauren.

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