Living With Your S.O.

January 16, 2018

To spin off last Friday’s post, we’re going to talk allllllllll about living with that special someone in your life.

I know there are plenty of individuals out there who have way more experience than the two of us. I do think over the past seven years of living with one another we have gathered some good insight.

We started living together in college, went through the phase of living with parents post college, to having our own sanctuary once more.

If you have spent an extended period of time in close quarters with the one you love, you quickly find out the two of you live your day to day lives quite frequently. It is an ebb and flow of figuring out how to take your two lifestyles and converting it into one.

I have always said Victor has been my easiest and favorite roommate but it definitely took some time to figure out what worked and didn’t work.

If I could sum up what this post will entail in one word it would be compromise. Learning to live with someone new, whether its a roommate, a loved one, or your partner in life, it is all about compromise.

Here’s a few tips that have helped us rock the last seven years with ease:

Tackle chores collectively, and individually. Victor is not great at laundry, but man can he fold. I guess I can thank his mom for that. He is more than welcome to fold clothes to his hearts content, but I will gladly do the laundry to keep our clothes safe. That’s just one example of many. Find what tasks you both do efficiently, and which need to be tag teamed.

If you finish the roll, you change the roll. Properly. Toilet paper, paper towels, whichever. If you use the last bit replace that SOB. It’s seems like such a dumb tip, but it’s a small issue that slowly irks people more and more.

Figure out the finances. If you’re going to split everything down the middle, someone pays this and someone pays that, or you’re going to have a joint account. Figure that ish out. There aren’t any topics that are awkward between the two of us, but the money talk can tend to be a little off when you first start living together. Have a game plan and stick to it.

Everything has it’s place. Do you know how messy an apartment can get in a day between two people and three animals? It’s mind boggling. We have learned to avoid catastrophe because everything goes “where it belongs”. It makes it SO much easier to find things when you need them too. You don’t have to be overly anal about this. Give your partner some time to get the hang of putting things in certain places before you grill them. In the end it will click, and your place will be sans mess more often than not.

The last tip, which I mentioned in my Friday post as well, is to have respect for your SO. You can’t expect them to handle your things with care if you do not do the same for them in return. I figured this is common knowledge we are taught growing up, but you never.

What is your favorite thing about living with that special person in your life?

-xx, Lauren.

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