Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay Review

January 22, 2018

Besides the fact that I DESPERATELY need my hair done (next Thursday, thank you J) I am here to give you an honest and open review of the “World’s Most Powerful Facial!

I did not alter the images below in any way. And for reference the only “editing” I do to my photos is filter, exposure, that kinda jazz. No Facetune, no Photoshopping, not my thing.

Next time I’ll be sure to get side views for before shots, but I do have some blemishes on my cheek and jaw line. I know the ones on my cheeks are flare ups from my incesent picking, and jawline/neck definitely hormonal. Like I said, keeping it honest and real folks. For the most part my skin isn’t terrible but I definitely suffer from breakouts + uneven texture and tone.

I like to start with a fresh washed face. I also don’t follow the directions entirely to a “T”. I sprinkle a small bit of powder into the bowl, pour in a little apple cider vinegar and stir the mixture with the END of my wooden makeup brush in a glass bowl. You can’t mix with metal or in a metal bowl. That being because the metal reduces the healing properties of the clay. Here is a more scientific reasoning as to why you can’t use metal. I continue to add the clay powder or ACV until desired consistency. You want it to look almost whipped.

With the brush end of my mixing brush, I apply an even and somewhat thick layer of the mixture all over. It takes a little time getting it on, but it’s worth it.

This mask is not the most comfortable when it dries down. You definitely feel it tightening, and for me it gets super itchy. I’m not sure if it’s a slight burning/tingling sensation, but I know time is up when I want to scratch my forehead into oblivion.

Speaking of time, I keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes. Ten minutes when I can handle the heat, five minutes when I’m being a wimpy. Today was a five minute day. If you have sensitive skin, I highly suggest doing a test patch for 3-5 minutes. I wouldn’t exceed five minutes your first go around.

Post face mask (image above)  you can see increased blood flow everywhere it was applied. Had I kept it on longer, you’d see even more red. It is a side effect, and nothing to be alarmed by.

Here are my take aways after using this face mask several times:

-You do not see immediate results, but you will see results. You know the saying good things come to those who wait? This face mask is one of those.

-Your skin will be VERY dry after. If you have dry skin like I do, expect dryness and tightness. Victor has very oily skin and even he felt dry after. Nothing a nice, refreshing moisturizer can’t fix.

-It stinks. The clay mixed with the ACV is not the best scent. Good news is you only have to wear it for about ten minutes, and you get used to it after the first few minutes pass.

-It is SO affordable. For the Indian Healing Clay it is under $10, add the ACV and you’re still under $15. And you get SO much product. There are few masks I have found that last as long and perform that well at this price point.

-I do notice my breakouts are slightly less inflamed the next morning. I typically do this mask at night and follow up with Rosehip Seed Oil & moisturizer. I wake up the next morning with slightly less breakouts, and rejuvenated skin.

I know there are plenty of die hards for this product, and I’m just starting to ride the train. If you have yet to give it a go, I say jump on board baby! Worst case you don’t like it, and you didn’t spend an arm and a leg on your conquest to perfect skin.

What is your favorite cult favorite beauty product?

-xx, Lauren.

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