Just Say NO

January 26, 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve ever agreed to do something you REALLY don’t want to do?

Raise your hand if you whined and complained behind closed doors that you didn’t want to do it, but still did anyway?


I would say the majority of you resonate with, “because I felt bad.”

I have learned, more recently, that it is ok to be honest and say no.

Why do we continue to put ourselves into situations that don’t bring us joy or pleasure?

Let’s use an example, shall we? Your friends are going to a concert. Concert, fun yay! Well, it’s not a genre or band you care for, but ALL of your friends are going. You struggle with FOMO hanging out with your pals, but you won’t really enjoy yourself at said hang out because it’s not your thing. You complain the entire time prior about how you spent money to go to a stupid concert, to see a stupid band, that you don’t even like. JUST SAY NO.

I’m all about energy. All that negative energy you’re spitting out is only exacerbating the negative coming right back to you. Save your pennies, tell your friends let’s do brunch the morning after the concert, and call it a day.

That’s obviously a very bleak example but I hope you get the picture.

I’m not suggesting saying no to every little thing in your life, because then you might be quite lonely (and possibly annoying?). Take the time to sit back, be honest with yourself and those around, and live your life to its fullest extent.

I’m also not implying to offend people in the process. Maybe your dearest friend wants to go to laser tag for their birthday, but it’s not your thing. Put your big girl panties on and be there for your friend.

If something doesn’t bring you joy, just say no. Clothes, household items, people in your life, things at work, etc. Good bye.

If something doesn’t enhance your quality of life, asta la vista.

If something doesn’t make you come back for more, tootles.

I challenge you to say NO the next time you really loathe the idea of doing something. And please be honest. Don’t come up with some BS reason why you can’t be there, and don’t go ghost either. A simple, “I appreciate you thinking of me, but I’m going to pass,” will suffice.

What is one thing you are looking forward to saying YES to this year?

-xx, Lauren.

P.s. If you need anymore convincing here is another great article. 

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