January 29, 2018


I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is a little over two weeks away.

Victor and I aren’t huge on doing anything special. Mainly because we have Christmas, our Anniversary, my birthday, AND THEN Valentine’s Day.

Wallet overload, you feel me?

I did want to take a few posts this week and next to give you some inspiration on what to wear, what to gift, and potential ideas for you to suggest to your S.O.

You can’t go wrong with a dangly earring, short and sweet mini dress, and a comfy pair of sneakers. Plus side, if you’re on a first date this Valentine’s you’ll be able to make a quick exit in this fit.

The only thing I am a wee bit sad about is the fact that this dress wrinkled fairly easily. It was extremely comfortable, so I’ll take a wrinkle or twelve.

Are you doing anything special this Valentine’s Day? Do you keep it more low key like Victor and I?

-xx, Lauren.

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