Wednesday Wants

January 31, 2018

Ok so I thought I was going the gift giving route, but hear me out on some of these.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost line is great. I haven’t tried a product I didn’t like from that collection. Can you imagine getting a basket full of the moisturizer, face mask, and now Hydro Boost mascara?! They obviously have a handful of other items, but it’s like a spa in a basket.

I first saw the brand Varley on Revolve because it’s my favorite site. I have recently seen it slapped all over the bods of some of the most followed IG influencers. I am impressed with how CUTE each piece looks on the various body types. I love the prints too. Would be so easy to throw on a denim jacket over this snake skin set and run to brunch or an afternoon with the gals post workout. With how expensive workout apparel is getting, I definitely look forward to being gifted a new set!

Ok so this setting spray may not be the best gift giving item, but it would be cute to include with a gift card or a few other small items. Dewy, youthful skin is everything at the moment. Flower Beauty was created by Drew Barrymore and has made some highly reviewed products.

I can’t remember exactly where I saw someone post a 60 second IG video of this face mask, but MAN their skin was glowing after. I feel like face masks are another item that I don’t enjoy splurging on, and would be more than happy to receive as a gift. Quite honestly, I’d love to spend money on nothing and receive everything as a gift. Essentially a dependent child….

Tarte Hamptons Weekend Contour Palette is another great item for you beauty lovers. I love products that help consolidate not only your beauty drawer but the space in your luggage when traveling. Blush, bronzer, and highlight all in one?! Yes, yes, and yes.

The Skinny Confidential has been posting about this blanket non-stop. Apparently all of the Kardashians own it, and Kris herself gifts it to the employees during the holidays. Or at least did one year. I’ve felt how luxurious other Barefoot Dreams items feel and I’m sure this blanket would be just as buttery.

I used to burn Illume Coconut Milk Mango candles alllllll the time when Victor was on deployment. It is the perfect mixture of citrus, sweet, milky and refreshing. I prefer to gift diffusers because it allows flexibility to use at home or at the office.

Ok, another odd ball item, I know. This would possibly be for the ultimate skin care junky. I know the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask has been out for some time now. I’ve more recently seen people bragging on how much they enjoy the mask itself. I know I enjoyed going to the dermatologist and receiving light therapy, and I love the idea of being able to do that on my own time at home.

Victor & I are both looking forward to owning or renting a home that has a tub. We have a shower tub duo that is standard in most homes, but it’s not the same taking a bath in one. Whether you can gift your loved one a spa treatment with access to a tub, a stay at a hotel with said tub, or going all out and buying them their dream tub, the gift of relaxation is PRIME.

Until next time!

-xx, Lauren.

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