Treat Yo Self

February 2, 2018

I know I mentioned Victor & I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day. We acknowledge the holiday, we just don’t go out of our way to celebrate other than, “Happy Valentine’s!”

I do want to talk about one important way to make this holiday special for you. Make sure you are loving yourself.

I know I can get so consumed with the responsibilities of day to day, that I find myself sitting down at the end of the night thinking what did I do for ME today?

Did I get to listen to a podcast? Did I get to read a few chapters in the book I’m reading? Was I able to take two blissful hours to get my nails done? Did I say eff it and treat myself to the facial I’ve been wanting?

It doesn’t have to be tangible items.

Did you give yourself the self love it needed today (and everyday)? What did you say at first sight of your reflection in the mirror? Did you put your own needs before someone else’s (this is ok from time to time)? Did you take a few moments to just be still and focus on your breathing and realize all the blessings you do have?

We are already aware that a huge chunk of society seeks approval and gratification from others than within themselves. Social media is a great example. We post a picture and base it’s quality on how many likes it get. We tweet something we think is funny only to seek reassurance in how much engagement it gets.

If you are happy and it brings you joy, that is all that matters. If you’re doing things you love and that you are passionate about your attitude and energy will radiate that. In turn, your partner will (hopefully) begin to absorb that same energy, and now the two of you are this beaming ball of sonic happiness and passion. You won’t need to work on your relationship, or feel loved, or be loved because it will already be there!

It seems like such a simple concept to invest time and effort into your own self. If you have to pencil it in to your calendar or set a daily reminder on your phone. It is so easy to tell yourself you will get to it tomorrow. Put yourself first today.

What is one way you are going to start spoiling yourself?

-xx, Lauren

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