Wednesday Wants

February 7, 2018

Even though this week is heavy with the gift guides (mens one coming tomorrow!) I still can’t skip a week of Wednesday Wants. As you can see, this one is heavy on the apparel which gets me going.

First we’re going to start with beauty. I just went to a new hair dresser last Thursday, and man is she a gem here in Tallahassee. Shout out to Beauty by Brenna B. I did like my previous stylist as well, and she is super talented too. What triggered me to make the switch was when I saw Brenna featured on Habit Salon’s IG taking a class. They always have the stylists mentioned where they are from and I always lurk the Florida based peeps. I realized her salon is walking distance from where I live! I have been DYING to get my hair done at Habit, but traveling to Arizona is a bit much to get your hair done. Brenna is extremely gifted at her craft, and I can’t wait to continue my hair journey with her. Soooooo off of that tangent, Brenna carries R+Co. at her salon. My hair held it’s style for days, was so silky smooth, and smelled completely outrageous. Dallas Thickening Spray and Death Valley Dry Shampoo are two of three products she used on my hair after washing. I will most certainly be snagging both at my next appointment. See ya in March, Brenna đŸ˜‰

I have been wanting to get my hands on a shower head filter. Tally water is really hard, and isn’t too kind to blonde hair. My dilemma is/was our current shower head is fairly low and has a handheld shower head currently on it. Traditional filters lower your shower head, which means Victor would have to squat to take a shower (laughing at that image in my head), and few reputable brands make a handheld shower head. T3 had announced they were coming out with a hand held filter. I can now get my happy hands on T3’s Handheld Shower Filter!!!!!

I don’t have any current reason to own this dress, but I love it and I think I’d look great in it. Mic drop.

I think this “cardigan” (even though its definitely just a front tie top?) is a wonderful multifunctional piece going into Spring/Summer. You can wear it over a brami from Free People, a swim top at the pool or beach, or a lacey bralette. The sparkle will look so beautiful on a fresh tan.

These pants are SO fun and SO sassy. I would easily rock these in the office with a white button down, or on a Friday and go straight to happy hour. You would be a walking salsa emoji in these bad boys.

I’ve always loved a good peplum and a good gingham get up. This jumper nails both.

This is another dress I have no reason or event to wear it to to own it. If I did something to warrant a festive celebration for my birthday, I so would have rocked this number. Think it’s too much to wear to Sunday brunch?

I may try to find a more affordable dupe but this BLANKNYC Fuchsia Jacket would be a great layering piece at the office to be festive and fashionable on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned if I am in fact able to find a quality dupe.

Until next time!

-xx, Lauren.

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