Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Guys

February 8, 2018

Alright ladies I gave you a little inspo to pass on for yourselves. Time for some goodies to spoil the man in your life.

The first item may be a blessing and a curse. I’m sure he will love the fact that you got him a gaming console, but you may be disappointed in the amount of time he spends playing it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a wireless headset for the ultimate at home experience.

If the lucky gentleman is a tech guy, but not so much into gaming, a quality wireless speaker could be great alternative.

I don’t see many men adorned in jewelry but you do see them rock watches quite often. I love how sleek this Movado watch is and still packs a statement making punch.

No, it’s not a plumbing pipe. It’s an electric wine opener! Not only will he look forward to using it (Victor really likes an electric wine opener, maybe it’s just him) but it will look extra chic sitting on top of your kitchen counter. Win, win for you both.

The next item is another two-for. Rocks glasses that are edgy, masculine, and can satisfy the man who loves his whiskey drinks and his martinis.

I don’t know how I never thought to get Victor a towel wrap for any of the countless holidays we have spent together but it is certainly on my radar now. No more wrap, tuck and pray it doesn’t fall.

Victor does not enjoy when shorts have liners. It could be swim trunks, workout apparel, whatever. If it has a liner, count him out. I’m sure he’s not alone. Cue North Face Linerless gym shorts. You may be able to finally get your guy to stop wearing the one pair if you stock up on a couple of these bad boys.

Victor & I have loved Nike FlyKnits for years now. He has recently shown a liking towards the Nike Metcon. Of course in my endless online shopping I found Nike Metcon FlyKnits! I love that these sneakers serve a function in the gym and still look great for streetwear.

What guy does not need to replace his socks and underwear collection at some point in the year? Seriously, I don’t know if they just wear the same few pairs over and over (probably) or their oils on their bodies just wear them down quickly, who the heck knows. Do him and yourself a favor by restocking his current collection, tossing the old included.

How great are these cologne sampler dopp kits from Sephora? It comes with twelve different cologne samples your man is able to take for a test run. The kit also comes with a fragrance voucher for him to take to your local Sephora to redeem for a full size bottle of the one he enjoyed most! Some of the fragrances included in the sampler cost more for the full size bottle than you end up paying for the gift. New fragrances are so hard to pick out for someone seeing as the blend differently based on your pH levels.

Anything on this list catch your eye? Anything creative you’re doing as a treat for your man?

-xx, Lauren.

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