February 22, 2018


Warm weather is here my fellow Floridians!!!

Can I say that I have never been happier? I was made for warm weather.

When I walk to my car I stare up at the sky and soak up every bit of sun. Dare I say I’m even enjoying the bit of humidity we’ve got brewing.

I know this can only mean one thing — it is going to be a WICKED hot summer. ***starts preparing now***

I really do love warm weather, and my closet is definitely stocked heavy with spring/summer garb. I can always find an excuse for a new get up, and Elle | Market is my go-to here in Tallahassee. Don’t get me wrong, I am a loyal online shopper. But there is nothing like being able to pop into your local boutique and grab a few items. Plus you’re supporting a small business!

I have always admired individuals who are able to create successful small businesses whatever the path that may be. It takes some serious perseverance and innovation to keep the wheels turning. Bills don’t pay themselves unfortunately.

In a perfect world, I would love to start a small side business in the near future, but I know the undertaking it requires. I have a few ideas brewing that I may consider bringing at least one to life. We shall see. Plus nothing is more fun than adding a little chaos to the risk, am I right? There’s also nothing more gratifying than succeeding in your own endeavors.

Do you want to start your own business one day? Are you in the beginning stages of creating your business? In a perfect world what is the business you would want to open TOMORROW?

(That’s a lot of “business”es in one sentence…)

-xx, Lauren.

P.s. Goose has nothing to do with this post, he’s just the goodiest good boy that ever was good. And people like dogs in pictures. No shame.

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