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February 27, 2018

A lot of you know that Victor & I have been together, but you don’t know how we met.

We actually met 10 years ago. Ten, freaking, years ago. Wild. We were both Juniors in High School. Living life, trying to make a dollar, not a care in the world. Victor went to St. Thomas, a well known Catholic School in Ft. Lauderdale. I went to South Plantation, the public school a few miles west. While our worlds could have, and should have, collided. They didn’t until Spring of 2008.

I told my mom I thought I wanted to work at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, so we went for dinner one night. She commented on how cute all the bus boys were. 1. This is when Carrabba’s still had bus boys, they did away with them a few years later. 2. They were all Victor’s friends from St. Thomas. I asked for an application before leaving, dropped off my application a few days later, and voila, I was one their new hostesses.

I don’t recall what shift or how long into my time there I met Victor, but it was very early on. He was hired just before me, but we were both “new”. Victor was EXTREMELY quiet when I first met him. I only really saw him speak to his fellow bus boys.

When we were slow, and he walked up to clean a table near the host stand, I told him he cleaned tables fast like a tiger. I have no idea why I said tiger, I should have said cheetah. But calling him Tiger opened the flood gates.

Victor LOVES to play pranks. At the time we didn’t have fancy computer systems that basically seat the wait list for you, you did it all with a clear dry erase board over a floor plan of the restaurant mapped out with every servers section for the night with a tally of how many times that server had been sat to keep it fare. I would leave and come back only to find everything erased. Customers would call in, to which I’d pick up the phone and give the Carrabba’s Welcome, only for the phone to continue ringing because Victor had unplugged the phone from the receiver.

Despite all the pranks that made me laugh as much as I acted annoyed, he was extremely sweet at winning me over. If we left a shift before me he would go home, shower, change and come back to help me with some of my closing duties like rolling crayons into bundles. Sometimes we’d sit for hours in the parking lot of one of our cars just talking about whatever.

We went on a few dates. While they were short and sweet, they are still vivid memories in my mind.

Victor joined the military when he was a Junior in High School so he left to basic training that summer. We wrote a few letters, which we both still have. To keep this already long story somewhat short we parted ways right when Senior began.

We spent both of our final year in high school doing our own thing. It wasn’t until fall of our Freshman year of college that I saw a girl write a Facebook post stating all the reasons she missed Victor. Me being my mother’s daughter, I had to see who this chick was.

After some brief lurking, I commented a simple “meow” on Victor’s facebook wall and that is literally how our relationship began and grew what it is today.

I ended up working for Carrabba’s until 2014. Victor only worked those few brief months before going off to Basic Training.

What stemmed this whole post is Victor and I went on a date this past Sunday to our local Carrabba’s in Tallahassee. We laughed, we reminisced, we drank too much sangria.

It was so fun, so sweet, and so wonderful to look back on all that we have done together and look forward to what’s to come.

Do you have a fun story of how you met your significant other?

-xx, Lauren.


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