Wednesday Wants

February 28, 2018

I feel like I have seen this serum everywhere. The Kardashians, magazines, all over social media. If that many people are raving about it (& buying at that price?!) it has to provide some stellar results, right?

I still haven’t found a wide brim hat that looks proper on my head. I don’t think I have the head shape or face or something for a hat. I don’t know. I haven’t been known to wear hats only to shield my face from the sun. When I do dabble in the headwear waters, I aim for something that doesn’t break the bank. This Urban Outfitters wide brim panama hat fits the (wide) bill.

Because I started buying furniture for our spare room, I am into all things decor. And furniture really, because I’ve only purchased a desk and chair…. I really want to a bright fun wall. Whether it’s wallpapered or covered in various sized statement pieces like this one. I want this office/spare room to be loud and bold ;).

I love a good classic brown sandal. I always have at least one pair in my arsenal until they are too well worn and need a replacement. These RAYE x House of Harlow heeled sandals are both summery and sexy! I love the thick, solid heel that will provide additional comfort. I also really like the quirky detail of the ankle strap that comes from the side of the shoe.

Forever 21 is not playing around. I’m not kidding. I have slept on them for some time. The store for me is overwhelming, there is just too much stuff to sift through. And I have had some lackluster online ordering experiences (items missing, no slip to fill out a return, etc.). While some of the pieces they currently have online are eerily similar to other brands, I am loving what Forever 21 is putting down. How perfect is this set?! There are numerous other pieces that I have added to cart, and just need to pull the trigger. Thank gosh they take returns now.

I normally wouldn’t be drawn to froufrou dresses like this one, but there is something about that is calling my name. I don’t know if it’s the straight across neckline, or the mesh netting overlay. There is something so subtle and sexy about it that I just want it!

So funny story on this next product, I literally just ordered it. After reading Amazon reviews on the Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream, I dropped everything and ordered IMMEDIATELY. I wish I could link the exact review that made me do it. It was a 3 month before and after and I was FLOORED (click reviews, and then on the right side of the page will be Customer Images). Granted I don’t have a saggy neck or any issues, yet, but I am trying to prevent as much as possible. I showed my mom the before and after pictures, and she ordered STAT as well.

If the previously mentioned neck cream doesn’t work out, I will order this one in it’s place. I always do fairly thorough research before buying skin care items, so hopefully the first one works out. If not, I always have a back up for a back up for a back up….

I have a love hate with Tatcha Products. I think they are so refreshing and smell so wonderful but can be quite pricey. But I get it, you’re putting these products on your skin that are absorbed and can end up in your blood stream, yaddy yaddy. Any of the products from there Luminous Dewy line have a special place in my stash, although I do not have them on permanent supply.  I can only imagine how glorious the new sheet mask will make your skin look! Can you imagine how perfectly your makeup would apply on after also?! Ooofff, gotta try it.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.

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