Dog Days Of Spring

March 2, 2018



If you couldn’t tell, I love my buddy Goose. I told Victor just this week I have SO much love for him that we really should get another dog just so allllllllll of this love can be put to good use.

I still can’t believe he is mine. Seriously, Victor can verify that I say that statement multiple times a week. I begged for a pup for SEVEN YEARS. I can’t believe he is going to be ten months old already 🙁

Now that the cold weather is gone, we are spending as much daylight as we can outside. I don’t know how people who have active dogs and don’t live an active life with them.

Victor & I are active individuals, we go to the gym regularly. Goose gets us outside and on our feet from sun up to sun down when we’re home with him, which was something we were not used to. Goosey loves being outside even if it means just sitting in the grass chewing a stick.  We go on long walks, we explore parts of Tallahassee we otherwise wouldn’t have, we have a new happy hour third wheel. It’s great. If I could bring him grocery shopping with me, I would. Victor & I question how we were able to watch SO much tv before him? It’s actually scary to think about how much time we spent sedentary when we weren’t at work or the gym.  It is crazy how much this not so little guy has changed our life for the better.

Having a dog really does change your routine. Even though you sacrifice so much of your time (and wallet) for this creature who is made to love you and learn from you, they are so worth any and all effort you put into them. They can be frustrating at times, but that’s mainly because of the language barrier.

I wouldn’t give back the hours of dog training, the money spent after eating too much sand at the beach, and my mornings sleeping in. I guess it’s kind of like a baby step into making your own kid? I don’t know, I’ve got several years before that happens.

Do you have a pup? How did they change your life for the better? Are you planning on getting a dog in the near future?

-xx, Lauren.

P.S. I am still, very much, a cat person too 🙂

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