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March 5, 2018


The past few days have been a whirl wind.

From Thursday evening until Sunday Morning I was in Orlando for Brown & Brown’s Annual Sales Conclave. Roughly 2,000 teammates attend this first class affair. While there are a few general sessions the meeting is aimed at celebrating the successes over the company and highlighting the individuals and offices who kicked ass.

It is much more intense and awesome than my Reader’s Digest description.

As with any company celebration comes some fun, and boy can they throw a party. I look forward to growing with this company in 2018 and I can’t wait for next year’s Conclave! Victor & I were still able to have a little date today to reconnect after being apart for a few days.

I have to say we were both WIPED out by the days end. Victor had been feeling under the weather while I was out of town, and the three day stint in Orlando left me anything but rested and rejuvenated (the fun was well worth it!). We were able to make it to brunch, home to swap out our clothes and off to golf lessons in the evening which were a Christmas gift from Victor’s mom! While golf lessons don’t sound like the most romantic date day event for some, we are absolutely loving it. My only prior experience with golf before starting these lessons was my mom clipping me in the head with a 9 iron on a practice swing when I was around four years old.

It was a PERFECT 65*, cloudless day in Tallahassee. All that was missing was a bubble bath and massage. *cough cough take note for next time Vic*

It’s weekends like this one that remind me no matter how exhausted you are, and how little time you think you may have, there is always time to make time for things that matter. It could be spending time with someone, or giving yourself a little TLC. Make time for the moments and the people that matter.

What is something you enjoy carving out some time for?

-xx, Lauren.

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