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March 12, 2018

Victor & I live right around the corner from the dreamy Purple Martin Outpost. It is a shop that sells various gardening items from Purple Martin Nurseries.

Not only is it a plant lady’s dream, it has various finds inside to take your home decor to the next level. Even Victor was intrigued by a few items. It’s very hard to leave this place empty handed.

I love finding new spots in Tallahassee. While we have been here once before, it’s not somewhere I remember to get to often.

With the warmer weather slowly creeping in (even though we currently have a cold front) I have been finding myself wanting to be outside more, or find a reason to be outside. I sit outside longer with Goose, listen to a podcast, get lost in music, go for a long walk with him, whatever.

Honestly, there have been evenings when the sun is setting where I just lay on the sidewalk in front of our place and stare at the sky. Goose is next to me chewing on a stick, the birds are settling in for the night, and it is quite possibly one of the most relaxing experiences.

With the world and life being as chaotic as it can be, I seem to be getting better at making time to slow down even though I feel like there isn’t enough time to. Life is a constant struggle of being productive and keeping yourself sane.

I need some of my friends with a green thumb to show me the light on this gardening thing. Now don’t throw the whole gamut at me, I’m looking to start out small. Eventually I’d love to grow fruit and vegetables I eat regularly. For now, I’ll work on keeping a few easy items alive.

Alright, this post was scatter brained enough. 12

What are some things that keep your mind at ease? What are some fresh new hobbies you are looking to pick up?

-xx, Lauren.

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