Feeling Fine

March 13, 2018

I mean feeling fine as in feeling fooooiinnnnnneeeeee. Ya feel me?

Nothing wrong with a little confidence 🙂

I do have to give credit where credit is due. For those individuals who can keep their creative juices flowing always, KUDOS.

I’m talking the bloggers, influencers, however you classify them who have made a career out of this. This is their bread and butter. I understand they get approached with sponsored posts and receive plenty of free product. They still have to create content that catches the reader and keeps them coming back.

Honestly, think of that one insta famous individual you have followed for years. There is something they are doing that attracts people to their content and encourages those followers to tell their friends to follow said “famous” person as well.

I’m not bringing this up because I care about the fame or the money. Obviously those are nice perks, but this is an escape for me. It gives me a reason to dress up, get outside, and have a little more fun with my life. I’m still new, this is still fun, but I want to post things that captivate you all. I’m starting to see on my end which posts draw the largest crowds, but we have only touched the surface on what I can share.

I am an open and honest book. I certainly have no problem letting you know what’s up.

What do YOU want to see? Why did you click through to read this? What do you want to know more of?

Is it my personal life? My relationship? My day to day activities? Fitness, fashion, beauty? What is it?

-xx, Lauren.

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