Target Finds — Four Under Fifty!

March 16, 2018

  If there is one thing I have a tough time spending money on, it is shoes. The other is pajamas.

I struggle with spending money on shoes because they get the most wear out of any other item in your closet. They’re like tires on a car.

What I can get behind is affordable shoes. Target been coming in strong with some quality footwear. I’m sure at least ONE pair above caught your eye. I managed to snag all four pairs in the time frame of one month. Justifiable because I believe I spent less than $100 for all four pairs!!!

There isn’t much to this post other than I wanted to share four shoes I am loving (and have worn multiple time!), as well as give you a reason to shop at Target (as if you needed one!).

What are some fab finds you have recently picked up from Target?

-xx, Lauren?  

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