Wednesday Wants

March 21, 2018

I apologize for no post yesterday. I was in South Carolina for work, not feeling very well, and yeah. Fell by wayside yesterday.

But I am home. Exhausted. But ready for my beloved Wednesday Wants!

Forever21 has been winning me over recently. Not only is their price point unbeatable, you can find some real gems. I have ordered a few wrap dresses recently that I LOVE. This gingham one would be a nice addition to my growing collection of dresses.

I love Levi’s. I basically live in my Wedgie High Rise Skinny. The subtle detailing on this pair is fun but understated.

I’ve been into the straw bag trend since last summer. I can get behind the bucket bag and small circular shapes popping up left and right. The only time I need a large bag is for work, and some days I can’t even justify it then. The contrasting leather snap/strap on this straw bag wins me over.

Back to my love for Foreve21. Not only is this swimsuit absolutely on point, but it could easily dub as a body suit. Nothing like a good 2-for-1.

I really enjoy a good snake skin moment. Steve Madden nailed it on the head with these heeled mules.

For the last few years I have been a Sonix phone case gal. They have fun patterns and the cases are so durable, they have saved my phone on one too many occasions. How great is this one going into summer?!

Brazilian Bum Bum cream is my current FAVORITE moisturizer. When I saw they have a body scrub/mask, my skin started tingling. Not literally but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m sure it is just as magical as it’s body cream counter part.

I am SO obsessed with white tea scents currently. I think they are light, refreshing and energizing all at the same time. I have worn a BVLGARI perfume in the past. A simple google search of white tea scents generated this perfume that I will be sampling the next time I have the opportunity.

My hair dresser in Tallahassee, Brenna (@beautybybrenna), has been telling me how great her experience has been switching to medical grade skin care. iS Clinical is a well known brand in that area. I posted wanting the Active Serum a few weeks ago. I also wouldn’t be opposed to adding their exfoliator to my regime.

Until next time!

-xx, Lauren.

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