Wednesday Wants

March 28, 2018

And we’re back! This is my absolute favorite scent, and I’m down to my last few spritzes. It comes with a hefty price tag for perfume. Whiicchhhhhhhh is why I am wanting someone to buy me a refill 🙂

The previously mentioned fragrance is extremely fresh and clean. You feel very light, airy, and feminine while wearing it. I may be late to the train, but this new Tom Ford fragrance sounds absolutely delectable. Actually, it sounds like the wicked twin version of my favorite fragrance.

I stumbled on Volition Beauty when I was looking to order a new exfoliator. Man oh man did I hit the jackpot. All of their products look outrageous, and have a minimal ingredients list that packs a punch. I will be ordering the Turmeric Brightening Polish. Just look at the reviews on it!!!

I may have featured this next product already, but oh whale. I love a good aromatic moment. Bath bombs are a perfect treat to toss in and relax. My current bathroom situation doesn’t lend towards taking baths. Insert shower tablets. I heard Casey Holmes mention these in a favorites video, and I would love to take them for a spin.

I lose hair ties constantly. And I was (and still am) a huge fan of Emi Jays. The brand basically mainstreamed these hair ties. Between me losing them, and my cat, Rita, playing with them, I can never find one! I love the color combos on this pack.

I’m not a huge eyeshadow person, which I have mentioned before, but I want to be! I really want to perfect my makeup (and skin!) game. The new Anastasia Soft Glam palette looks incredible. I could definitely see myself using this for Anna’s upcoming wedding. It is a warm tone gals dream, and even has a nice black shade for a smokey look!

Speaking of Anastasia products, I have swatched this bad boy several times in store. It is literally liquid metallic butter. It is one of the creamiest powder highlights I have ever swatched, and will be great for an array of skin tones. Must resist temptation.

I don’t know if it is my age, or trends, or what, but I am into longer short hems right now. This AGOLDE pair is the perfect pair to show of what your momma gave you. Plus I love the high waist and slight distressing.

Victor & I love to have plants in the house, and Goose likes to eat them. Dexter also. I have resorted to looking at taller plants that both can’t reach, as well as faux ones that are as easily destructible. I’m leaning towards a fiddle leaf fig tree either real or fake. What are your favorite house plants if you have pets?

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.

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