It’s Fine, I’m Fine.

March 29, 2018


You’re fine.

But are we?

This is about not always being ok.

Life makes you question things. Why do you have to try so hard? Why is someone better than you? Why is what you are and where you are at not enough?

We live in a world of constant comparison. It is hard to shut the world out. You could be envious of someone’s nomadic lifestyle or the new Volvo XC 90 they’re driving. Either way, there is at least one thing we envy that someone else has done or is doing. Or there is something about ourselves that isn’t self fulfilling.

This has been a week, and it is only Wednesday. Yes, I know it’s Thursday while you’re reading this.

I had a rough Tuesday. Nothing happened at work, nothing happened with Victor and I. I was just down. I didn’t feel like anything was where I wanted it to be. I was having a pitty party in my head. And you know what? Sometime’s that is ok.

It is ok to be down, and feel bad, and feel sorry for yourself. As long as it is short lived.

For instance, I complained to Victor that I don’t enjoy having to workout everyday. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Lauren, you don’t have to work out everyday.” Take my body for a spin. Eat what you want, don’t work out. See how it plays out in the long run. Plus, my family has a history of diabetes. I’ll pass getting on that train

Ok back to pity party story. I was complaining to Victor I was in a mood and one of my negatives at the moment was having to work out everyday to look what I feel is “average”. While his response isn’t what I wanted in the moment, it was what I deserved. He said, “change your outlook. Be grateful that we are physically capable to workout whenever we want to, because some people can’t, and that sucks.”

While I wanted him to wave his magic wand and make me feel like an indestructible princess, he was right. Even though in the moment, in my head he was wrong and I was grumpier at him 🙂

My point of the post is, it’s ok to not be fine. It’s ok to sulk and feel like life’s not fair, as long as you keep it brief. You could have an off day where you have no idea why you hate the world, but you do. (Ok I know why I hated it, my hormones are in a flurry if you’re picking up what I’m putting down….no not pregnant….the opposite….)

There are so many beautiful things happening in my life. There are so many wonderful things that are coming that I have yet to experience. But if I have to have 1 negative day in a see of 364, I’ll take it.

What are things you do to get yourself out of an emotional and/or physical funk?

-xx, Lauren.


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