Blues Baby

April 6, 2018

Victor said something slick. This was my reaction…

If you saw my last Bach Bash post you may have seen the cover photo that shows me wearing this outfit from the chest up.

I had to share the whole shebang because how great is this romper?!

That Bachelorette is my first and only Bachelorette I have been on, and the bar has been set high. It was equal parts fun, relaxing, and just the right amount of gal time. See you betches next March in Seaside 😉

Do you feel like you have a color? I do, and it’s blue. There’s other colors I love to wear, but blue is my go-to. What is great about blue is there are sOoOoOoOo many shades, and I feel equally as confident in every single one. Don’t get me wrong I love a good red moment, and plenty of white. But I am a blue gal to my core. I even wore royal blue to prom!

That’s what is awesome about personal style. Your style will constantly evolve, but there are some items that will remain consistent. I have always loved a great maxi, plenty of button downs, and lots and lots of blue.

Trends are consistently changing, and while there is nothing wrong with the classics it is fun to spice things up here and there. Having fall back colors, silhouettes, and styles allows you to dabble in new arenas of fashion while remaining true to your core style.

What is your staple color or items in your closet? What is the next fun thing you want to try out?

-xx, Lauren.

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