Back In Action

April 9, 2018


Monday’s are always that much more difficult after a great weekend.

Victor and I haven’t had a weekend off together in several months. It really was great to be able to wake up together, sit down and have breakfast with one another, and actually have two full days with the other. You don’t realize how much you enjoy those little moments until they are few and far between.

We had all these wonderful ideas floating in our head of how we would like to spend the weekend together, I believe I mentioned a few in a post last week.

With the rain taking up most of Saturday, and our love for brunch on Sunday’s, it was a weekend spent eating. Quite literally.

This is how our weekend together went, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this whole “adulting” thing: Saturday we cleaned the apartment. Between the two of us, it flew by. But every Saturday morning I clean our place, and this time Victor got to help 🙂 We ate a quick lunch after and hit the gym for a workout. We’re pretty good about going 3-5 days a week, so this Saturday session made up for a day we skipped during the week. We came home relaxed for a bit, and off to our favorite sushi place, Izzy!

Originally we had planned taking a trip somewhere near by like Destin, but with a few exciting things we have planned for 2018, we decided to be a little more cost conscious. Cue weekend at home eating at our favorite places. And like I said before, eating all weekend is what we did.

We kicked off Sunday with a brisk walk with Goose, followed by bottomless mimosas and delectable food at Table 23. After a quick afternoon nap, because champagne will do that to you, we hit Southern Seafood Market for some oyster and stone crab. With it being the last official month of stone crab season, I had to get a small fix to hold me over until September!

Like I said, nothing adventurous or out of the ordinary, but it was more than enough. With Victor’s work schedule changing here in a few weeks, I can’t wait to spend more Sunday’s together!

What are some of your favorite things to do in your town when you have a weekend to explore?

-xx, Lauren.

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