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April 10, 2018


I know I talked a bit about personal style last week, but I love me some basics.

I read a brief post somewhere about a Tallahassee business woman and style icon for the community that stated she would rather own one fabulous piece than five lack luster items. The verbiage was a little different, but you get the overall gist of things.

Why don’t we apply this concept to not only our wardrobes but our lives? Why subject yourself to mediocre life experiences when you could have the one life altering moment? For instance, a maybe not a great example, why take five weekend trips away in a year where you could use all that money for one large, extravagant trip?

Why settle having five acquaintances in your life when you could have that one unmatched connection?

Why have five dogs when you could have………no I’m not going there five dogs sounds AWESOME.

Ok that last part was a little fun but you get it!

Invest your time, effort and assets into things. I think going forward I am slowly going practice this. I think this also ties back into a post I wrote a few months ago about it being ok to say no. Not only will you have to say no to things but you will have to be decisive in what is truly best for you in that moment.

For now I think I’m just going to start with the wardrobe. Which I think I have gotten a little better with? Maybe? No?

Honestly though, how many times do we stand in front of our closets feeling like we have 1. nothing to wear or 2. we wear the same thing over and over again.

Let’s all start taking the time to not only invest in our wardrobes, but ourselves also.

Enough babbling for today. What is one area of your life you feel you could (or should) take the time to invest in?

-xx, Lauren

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