Wednesday Wants

April 11, 2018

I am on quite the home decor kick right now, so bear with me until it subsides.

Let’s kick it off, shall we?

First off, Victor and I have been pondering over patio furniture since we moved almost two years ago. I’m going to lump the first three items together into this want reasoning. The biggest dilemma is do we want comfortable? Or do we want a dining set up? I love the modern industrial look of this couch, but I also really dig this laid back vibe of this lounge chair. And then to throw a wrench into things, on Anna’s bachelorette the place we had dinner the first night had these beautifulllll square dining tables that sat eight people. It was marvelous because you literally faced everyone, and we could all engage with one other. I love the mod chairs on this dining set. Talk about first world problems!

I mulled over wanting to decorate my office space/guest room with a sapphire blue or a darker shade of green. I decided to run with blue. My second first world problem is my living room is sapphire blue. Which means my living room needs a refresh. The great news? I can update all my accents to the shade of green I wanted in my office! And the new Opalhouse collection did not disappoint with this boy.

Our current dining set up only allows us to seat four people including Victor and I. That just won’t do in the world of entertaining. Again, going with the new Opalhouse collection I love the idea of six of these chairs on the sides of a long table, and this style at the end(s) of the table! I’m really digging a more laid back boho vibe with fun and eclectic pops, and that’s exactly what Opalhouse delivers.

Not that this concept is new but I really appreciate when brands allow you to try out new trends easily. Layered necklaces can be a daunting task of trying to accumulate the right lengths and styles that compliment each other. This layered Baublebar necklace takes out the guess work.

We all know I love a good set. Well, I FREAKING LOVE THIS ONE. It is a perfect spring to summer purchase. I love the color, the embroidery, the wrap portion of the top, and the zipper on the skirt. And I can assure you this top would look great with a distressed pair of high waisted denim, and the skirt would pair well with a short sleeve white poplin top. The options are endless!

If the new Fenty Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom does not remind you of those flavored Hard Candy body glitters from the early 2000’s what did you do with your life?! This seriously brings back some MAJOR middle school vibes for me. Every Friday night my mom would drop me and my friends off at Sawgrass Mall by the movie theatre entrance, we would buy movie tickets and walk into the mall to COVER ourselves in marshmallow flavored Hard Candy body glitter. I guess my 27 year old self hasn’t progressed too far, because this girl still loves her body shimmer!

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.


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