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April 17, 2018

I received these glasses courtesy of Pixel Eyewear for my honest review.

This may seem a bit unusual for me to post but bear with me. I am having my two worlds collide: that of my love for fashion, and my day time duties as an Employee Benefits Consultant.

Let’s get down to business.

Blue light is everywhere. Literally. Our primary source of blue light is through sunlight, although sunlight contains many shades of light.

There is a direct link between wave length and the amount of energy within those light rays. The longer the wave length the less energy that is produced, the shorter the wavelength the more energy there is produced. Got it?

Shades on the blue end of the spectrum have shorter wavelengths and therefore emit more energy.

We know blue light comes from the sun, but where else are we exposed? Your phone, tablet, computer screen, TV’s, fluorescent/LED lights. Talk about constant exposure…

I attended a company sponsored symposium last year where one of our carrier partners discussed the effects of blue light on our eyes.

Most of us have been told not to look directly into the sun because it will damage our eyes. This is still true, but did you know blue light is able to travel farther into your eye than sunlight? Sunlight travels roughly halfway through your where blue light is able to travel all the way to the back of the eye, where your optic nerve sits. Thus, long term and excessive exposure to blue light can eventually lead to an increase in cases of macular degeneration, and even more cases of early on set.


Image result for sunlight vs blue light into eye

What can you do to protect yourself?

I could say it is as easy as limiting your exposure to said items, but for some that is not feasible. If I am not looking at my computer screen at work, I am communicating via my phone when I am out of the office. Add blogging into the mix and I am practically staring at a screen all day. I get it. Some times limiting your exposure is not attainable.

Insert Pixel Eyewear. Pixel is a company that created a line of blue light blocking glasses. They have coined themselves as ‘eyewear for the digital age’. Their main goal is to reduce the amount of eye strain we experience on a daily basis. You can learn more about that here.

Pixel provides several styles to fit an array of personalities. I opted for the style Cerco, and may even end up purchasing the Ventus in Clear to mix it up.

“Well, Lauren do they actually work?” Great question! While I have only been test driving mine for about a month, I have seen improvements in several areas. For one the tension in my neck and headaches I experienced from the tension are gone. If you have ever experienced neck tension/tension headaches, you know they can be quite awful. In addition, I use a sleep app to track how well and how long I am sleeping each night. While I am getting the same amount of sleep, my sleep quality has improved drastically and I feel more rested most mornings. I say most because we all have a few snooze mornings here and there.

Even though I understand I need to try and reduce my use of screens throughout the day, Pixel’s glasses have been a great way for me to combat further damage without changing my current routine.

Do I suggest Pixel Eyewear? 100%. I think they provide a quality product, at a decent price. I do think price wise they could be a bit more affordable,  but I would much rather pay more for a quality product that I know yields positive results.

Are you going to purchase a pair of blue light blocking glasses for yourself?

-xx, Lauren


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