Move On

April 23, 2018


Another weekend has come and gone too quickly. I swear every Saturday I wake up thinking, “noooooooo it’s almost over”. Definitely a busy week ahead but I am ready for it.

Lately I’ve been been “struggling” with only allowing myself to interact with thoughts, people, things, etc. that bring me joy. I put struggling in quotations because it’s not a treacherous battle but something I think about frequently.

This weekend was definitely not full of positive thoughts. Which is ok, I’ve talked about letting weak moments in, having your pity party and getting on with your life. But I also think it’s something you could apply to all facets of life.

If something or someone is not propelling you forward, why do you allow it to interfere with your life and your now?

Recently the Chairman of the Board, and previous CEO, of our company was speaking to us about the importance of partaking in some of the benefits we can participate in as employees. He talked about people being so focused in their right now that they don’t focus on their now 5, 10, 20, 30+ years now. He was mainly relating it to retirement plans and employee stock purchase opportunities and investing, but this concept correlates to literally everything we interact with.

The people, thoughts, activities, whatever you interact with in your current now should not only bring you joy in this very moment but be sources of energy and light in your future now. I probably sound like a total whack job. I just hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

The moral of this post is if something is mediocre or bringing you down, move on. We already waste too much time on these things, and the better you get at deciphering what is and is not for you, the clearer the path to your future now will be.

Alright done being a hippy, dippy love your life, love yourself human.

What’s something you’re ready to move on from?

-xx, Lauren

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