Stop Comparing

April 24, 2018



For part of yesterday and today I have been shadowing a fellow Brown & Brown teammate at our Jacksonville office. What’s great about this company is the fact that even though we are international organization our decentralized structure allows each office to function independently. Every office has different ways of doing things with the end goal always resulting in success.

How empowering to know the leaders who started this company back in the 1930’s knew from early on that there is not one way to do things. They welcome new ideas, new initiatives, new styles of learning, anything that continues propelling the company on a forward path.

With that I give you another inspirational post. HAH

But seriously.

Comparison will be the devil of life. How did this person get to where they are today? I want what they have so if I do exactly what they do I will be just as successful!


Of course if you mimic or practice certain things, you will have some success, but will you ever reach your own fullest potential?

The beauty of collaboration is finding out other individual’s route to finish line, and then taking that and adding your own personal spin on things.

I mean let’s take blogging for instance. No one is going to reinvent the wheel at this point as a blogger or influencer. However, there are countless men and women who continue to build their following because there is something unique and/or quirky to their personal brand. It could be the way they edit their photos, maybe the lack of editing. Maybe they post accurate and consistent reviews on products. Maybe they’re an open book about their personal life and it’s like reading a diary.

Either way there is a reason you as a follower enjoy and continue to enjoy the content they create.

They have gotten to where they are, or will get to where they are, by asking others how they have done it in the past. Then you take what has worked in the past and throw your own little confetti into the mix.

So, why exactly am I talking about this? Stop comparing, start collaborating. Stop being afraid to ask people how they did something to get to where they are. And if they don’t want to help you get to where you’re going, they’re not the person for you.

If you could ask one person one thing about their life, who and what would it be?

-xx, Lauren.

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