April 30, 2018

I’ve talked about energy before. You’ve most certainly heard that the frequencies you are emitting will be attracted right back onto yourself.

I’m heading into this Monday revitalized.

I can’t say anything happened or didn’t happen to cause this mood change, but I am ready.

You know that feeling when you are ready to kick some ass? It radiates through you. You have that extra pep in your step. Your confidence is sky high and nothing can bring you down. Even if there is a hiccup along the way you let it roll off your shoulders because if there wasn’t a bump in the road it would be too easy.

Why can’t we feel this way all the time? Are we too busy faking it ’til we make it to realize we have this deep down inside of ourselves all the time?

How great does it feel to walk into your week, whatever day is your “Monday” , and think to yourself there is nothing that can stop you from dominating your day, or even the days to come.

Again, I can’t quite pinpoint how to get there but I can tell you we will all get there. Maybe it is a statement outfit like this red wrap dress, or merely sitting down with myself and rationalizing there are things I can and cannot do but I will get to where I am going.

I read a quote that really got my Monday mojo brewing;

“Trust in the universe to unfold as it should, to reveal your path and guide you on your journey, but also recognise that sometimes fate requires a little push. While the cosmos may provide you with the blueprint to your destiny, it is your duty to get your hands dirty and build something of it.” – Beau Taplin

Get out there. Give yourself that little push, or giant shove, you need to propel you into your greatness.

Have a kick ass Monday.

-xx, Lauren.


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