Happy Birthday Goose

May 7, 2018

I really cannot believe my buddy is one!!!

I am so happy Victor & I made the effort to take a picture with Goose every Sunday since we got him. We literally have a weekly progression of this big boy from 8 weeks old until now. While I’m sad he’s getting older and much bigger I love looking back on it all. From 8lbs to just under 80lbs I wouldn’t trade my GoosePoose for the world.

Since his birthday is today, May 7th, we decided to celebrate all day Sunday doing what buddy loves best. We went on an almost four mile trail walk letting him sniff whatever his heart desired. We actually got a wee bit lost, but thanks to trail maps, made it back safe and sound. He also got to play in a few streams along the way so Goosey was not upset about the detour. This boy loves his water.

It wouldn’t be a proper birthday without a birthday cake and presents. I made goose a delectable (and xylitol free) peanut butter banana cake with milk bones. Normally we don’t give him milk bones, but I thought they were a fun decorative touch. After big boy chowed down, we let him open his box of presents. New antler, moose plush (which he destroyed in 30 minutes), and lots of fun new balls to play fetch with.

We ended the night with a brief game of fetch and a fresh bath. I wish everyday was Goose’s birthday because we honestly had so much fun together.

I honestly can’t wait to celebrate his birthday next year!

Do you do anything special for your pets on their birthday?

-xx, Lauren.

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