May 24, 2018



If you saw my IG story on Monday you might have seen that things have been busy which prompted my week and a half absence. I also briefly mentioned it yesterday, so I will stop beating a dead horse.

With Victor’s work schedule allowing him to have Sundays off again, we have been good about getting out and about more. Happy hour Friday, Brunch Sunday, both were dearly missed.

One of the new spots we went to is Happy Motoring on South Adams. It is a refurbished gas station that the folks at For The Table flipped to be a café in the mornings and transition to a bar with different food trucks in the evening. They have frozen drinks that churn in one of those slurpy-esque machines and boy are they DANGEROUS. Like put you on your behind after two dangerous. I know it’s not just me who feels this way because Victor can vouch for their lethalness.

We only tried the food truck on our first Friday attending but they do a great job of switching it up every week. It’s super dog friendly, and you can even bring your pal into the bar area to order a drink so you don’t have to leave them unattended outside. They also have a walk up ordering window if that’s your preferred method. Goose has enjoyed himself and the turf on both visits. He was a bit confused why nothing happened when he tried to start digging. I didn’t have the heart to break it to him.

I love when fun places like Happy Motoring emerge. I challenge you this weekend to try somewhere new no matter where you are!

Stay tuned for some exciting news 😉

-xx, Lauren.

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