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May 25, 2018






I can’t believe I am finally sharing with the masses. It was a crazy whirlwind that has culminated in finding the perfect first home. We truly can’t believe we accomplished the milestone together.

I started looking for homes back in February. Victor & I have wanted a yard ever since we got goose. SHOCKING, millennial couple wants a yard for their dog. What is surprisingly hard to find in Tallahassee is an affordable rental with a fenced in back yard. So the hunting began.

Those not living in Tallahassee, it is a seller’s market currently and has been for some months now. This means their is more demand than supply. We have seen homes not even make it to market and sell for over asking. Another caveat is the buyer pays closing costs in this market. Obviously every area is different, but having both grown up in South Florida and having parents/relatives guiding us, we ASSumed at first closing costs would be covered.

We probably looked at 10 houses overall before *luckily* finding our current home. We actually had stopped looking for about three weeks when we ASSumed (again) that we would be purchasing a home that was around the corner from our current rental.That is a whole other story I don’t even want to get into. All I can say is EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And this home buying process was proof. We ended up EXACTLY where we belong, and really could not be happier. If you want me to embellish in another post I will. I know some of my closest friends & family know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the home buying process turned out to be VERY quick for us. Sorry for all the capitals, but they deserve emphasis. Between putting an offer on this house, all the inspections, and closing was only a three week time span. Q. U. I. C. K. And thank G, because there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting around and waiting for something.

I really don’t know how the universe planned this one but I am so, so grateful. This house had originally gone under contract with a different buyer, but to our good fortune, the deal fell through because of financing on the buyers end. I think we beat out 4-5 other interested parties. And the best part? We are paying almost the same amount of money for a house (with all it’s beautiful features) that we were paying for our 2/1 rental. CRAZYYYYYYYY.

Victor & I have loved every moment, even moving for the 6th time in five years. Goose absolutely LOVES his new backyard. I can’t wait to share footage of him living is best life.

I apologize if there are any grammatical errors, misspellings, whatever. I’m just SO excited and wanted to share with all.

Now, if anyone wants to come help us finish unpacking and help me redecorate, I’ll repay you in infinite margaritas while doing so 🙂

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all!

-xx, Lauren.

p.s. The picture of the Budget truck is my favorite. Can you imagine ME driving a 26′ moving truck? Well, I sure did. And it was so fun!!!!

p.p.s We did buy the home fully renovated. The seller purchased the home end of January, hired @TheSuberCompany to complete the flip, and had it listed by end of March. They did a FABULOUS job.

p.p.p.s We would like to thank our realtor, Marcus, and his team at Joe Manausa Real Estate, Caitlin & Jacob, for being so accommodating. They were ready to pencil us in at a moments notice as I vigorously refreshed the new listings.

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  1. Ivey says:

    Count me in for margs & unpacking!! I can’t wait to come see the new place and neither can Hank!!!

  2. Sherri Wallace says:

    Congratulations. You deserve it and I can’t wait to see many more pictures of the memories made
    Love you

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