Weekend Uniform

May 31, 2018

Whenever Wednesday rolls around my skin starts itching for the weekend. I love weekends. Even though I have a pretty religious weekend routine, I still love em.

If Victor and I head out of the house it is for a round of drinks, sushi, or beer. And you can typically find me in an outfit similar to this one. Jeans and an easy throw-and-go top is my go-to. Depending if I need a pedicure or not decides if I’m wearing sneaks or sandals.

When we lived in Midtown we definitely did not take advantage of living walking distance from several bars, and our extremely close proximity to Brass Tap. Oddly enough, we have gone there more in the last month or two than we have in the two years we lived at our previous spot. Always funny how that works out.

Do you have a weekend uniform? Do you just have a uniform period? What are some of your go-to weekend spots?

-xx, Lauren

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