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Step Out

June 4, 2018



We have still been inundated with home projects. I would like to say we have finished unpacking but that would be quite a fib. There are a few non-essential items that are sitting in our guest room waiting for their forever home in our new digs.

We have been trying to optimize storage by installing Rubbermaid Fast Track Racks in the garage, playing with acrylic containers in the master bath, and various arrangements for kitchen organization. It will all come together soon, but for now our weekends are filled with these tasks. And we love it!

With home stuff taking over our lives, we still like to step away and take a break. It helps us look forward to each project while maintaining our sanity. This weekend Victor suggested getting dressed and heading out for some ice cream. Normally we would just rock whatever gear we were wearing while doing house work, but he thought it would help break up the day and make a quick ice cream trip feel special.

Saturday was a RAINY day. Luckily my mom got me these Jeffrey Campbell Rain Booties for Christmas that I have worn a zillion times already, and they still look brand spankin’ new.

I really like the look of this denim corset dress layered over a graphic t-shirt. I am going to be 100% honest and say this was not the most comfortable out but beauty is pain. I wasn’t in pain, but the actual corset portion of this GRLFRND dress is quite form fitting which clearly does not allow for optimal ice cream devouring. Or sitting. Or breathing.

I kid, it wasn’t that tight. But fair warning it does fit a bit snug. Overall great quality, and it DEFINITELY looks way cuter & more figure flattering in person than these pictures are portraying.


Did you do anything fun or out of the ordinary this past weekend?

-xx, Lauren.

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