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Meet Maverick!

June 11, 2018


We got Goose a house warming gift!

Kidding, but not kidding.

But seriously, we did it. We added to our clan. For those of you who know us and have OCD, our house hold is even. Two humans, two cats (yes we have cats), and two dogs. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

While this was a fairly spur of the moment decision, we knew the moment we got Goose we wanted a buddy for him REALLY close to his first birthday. I believe it was Goose’s birthday or shortly after that we reached out to the breeder we got Goose from if he had any upcoming litters. We knew we were closing on the house soon, we knew it would be a bit of a stretch for us with everything going on, but if he in fact had a black male lab available we knew it was fate. Sure enough we were the first one’s to reach out about a litter he had just had. Now the fun part was several weeks to bring our new buddy home.

Our breeder, Little Creek Labs, is based out of Clayton, NC. His process is fairly simple but most of his business is word of mouth. If you want a pup, you have to reach out to him. He has such a demand for his puppies that he does little to no advertisement of available litters. If you want a chocolate lab, REACH OUT NOW. He literally has a waiting for list chocolates. CRAZY. Once you confirm color & gender you provide your deposit to Brent (owner). Depending on when you put deposit down depends on when you get to pick your new friend. With Goose we were the second to last deposit on the males. There were 5 males, so we got to pick between the last two available when we showed up to Little Creek Labs’ facility. With Maverick we were the first deposit of 3 males. Availability depends on how many babies are in mommies tummy, and how many people already have shown interest with Brent. His facilities are fantastic. The dogs he breeds come from some of the best lineages. I even joked about making it an annual thing. I mean we do need a chocolate at this point to finish the squad, right Vic?

Before anyone busts my butt about adopt don’t shop, we have absolutely no problem adopting. Our cats are from the humane society. It was a preference to get the dog from a breeder. Also, Victor & his brother Harley have literal brother puppies from Goose’s litter. Not that I owe anyone a reasoning for decisions we make in our lives, but I know people are hard core about adopting over shopping. My thoughts are 1. we love ALL dogs regardless of where you get em & 2. the dogs you are adopting are from careless breeders, we chose to go with a breeder who is on his shit.

So far Maverick is the sweetest little pup and a total mamma’s boy. He wants endless cuddles, belly rubs, and naps. It’s so fun to see how Maverick & Goose’s personalities are SO different, but have such similar mannerisms at the same time. I can’t wait for these dudes to be best buds. Maverick was a little overwhelmed at first. I don’t blame him after a nine hour car ride home. But day two, these guys were already getting into the groove of each other. Goose is already playing the role of protective big brother when we went to lunch and smothers Maverick in endless kisses. Now we just need Goose to show Maverick the ropes with taking photos, we know Goose is a ham in front of the camera.

I can’t wait to share more on our experience having two pups to love on.

Are you a dog or cat person? Both? Do you have any questions about raising a pup or tips and tricks that have worked for us so far?

-xx, Lauren.

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