Myers Park

Summer Stroll

June 12, 2018

Summer is most definitely here if I haven’t said it already ( I have). The heat is here, the mosquitos are in full swing, random rain showers throughout the day, and this gal can’t stop wearing white. Get used to it, because it ain’t going anywhere. Especially when I have a nice tan going.

I am definitely a Spring/Summer girl. Even though my hair and body temp loves the fall Wall/Winter, my wardrobe thrives off the warmer months. That’s what I get for being born and raised a Florida baby.

Summer months are typically when Victor & I try to find things to do to get outside. Walk around the neighborhood, go to a nearby park, grab a drink at an outside bar area. Whatever. Getting Goose last summer really trained us for having to endure extended time in the humidity and heat. Once your body adjusts, it’s really not that bad. We get to go through it all over again with Maverick.

There would be times we would go out to eat (no dogs at this point) and decide to enjoy the outside setting. We’d leave in a full blown sweat vowing to never sit outside ever again. As I type this I am sitting outside, and despite the mosquitos around me, I am quite comfy.

That’s why in summer I tend to lean on looser, breezier pieces like this dress. I’ve noticed when you wear more fitted clothing in the warmer months they quite literally stick to you.

This weekend when there was a break in the rain we decide to stroll through Myers Park in Tallahassee. The trees her are absolutely beautiful and the neighborhood is so homey.

What are some items on your summer bucket list?

-xx, Lauren.

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