Self Care Sundays

June 19, 2018

If you haven’t seen the Self Care Sunday movement floating around the interweb/social media stratosphere, I am here to give you the scoop.

Self Care Sunday is essentially taking time to do something that prepares you for the week.

It can be a full on pamper sessions that includes a bath, hair and face mask, the works.

It can be taking an hour to read a book or listen to a podcast.

The point is it is taking time to spoil yourself and detach from the world for a little bit.

My set up will always be a wide variety of things, and I thought it could be a fun post to start including weekly. A Self Care Sunday recap if you will.

This past Sunday, my boys and I hit one of our favorite brunch spots, Table 23. We were very aware of socializing Goose and taking him places to help desensitize him in situations, and we are doing the same for Maverick. I think socialization for a dog doesn’t end at 16 weeks, and really lasts for much longer if not they’re whole life, but we will save that for another post.

We brought both of our dudes (who you can now follow on IG @thegooseandmaverick) out and enjoyed a delicious meal and a few mimosas. If you have the opportunity to brunch here you must get the biscuits and gravy with fried chicken. You will not be disappointed.

After brunch we took an afternoon nap. It was wonderful. We normally let Goose sleep on the bed in the evenings, while we crate train the puppy. Maverick lucked out and got to take a nap with us in the bed! I could not have been more smitten. I fell asleep holding his little paw and woke up to him nestled in my neck.

After what was a very refreshing nap Victor and I started finishing up some loose ends around the house. Hanging wall decor, picking what projects we would like to tackle first. This doesn’t sound very relaxing to most people, but getting our home situated and finished allows us to sit back and bask in the ambiance that much sooner. Plus it felt really good to get a few items checked off our list.

It was lovely taking an afternoon to indulge as well as be somewhat productive. I already have a few things in mind for next Sunday.

Would you like a weekly recap of my Self Care Sunday items? Would it help inspire you to get in the spirit of doings things that prepare you for the week ahead?

-xx, Lauren.

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