My Favorite Podcasts + Self Care Sunday Recap

June 25, 2018

Kicking this thing off ASAP.

My favorite daily (Monday – Friday) podcast is The Morning Toast. They air live at 10:30 am EST and bring, “you the fast five stories before you wake up and take a bite of your morning toast.”

Essentially they recap pop culture, TV shows, and any riveting news in pop culture that is making headlines within the last 24 hours (or developed over the weekend). They are two sisters who love what they do and obviously have good chemistry bantering back and forth. This podcast makes me laugh and breaks up my day. Just two millennial sisters making sure all is right in the world of our A-List celebs.

One of my favorite weekly, and soon to be potentially bi-weekly, podcasts is the Him & Her Podcast starring Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential, and her husband, Michael Bosstick. They are a power house duo. Both entrepreneurs, both go-getters, and both very different personalities that mesh well.

There is not a topic they won’t dive into. From Gary Vaynerchuk and picking his brain, to Tanya Zuckerbrot’s fiber phenom, to sex, to open relationships, to skincare…. EVERYTHING.  They get the best of the best in the business and pick their brains. Every week is something different which keeps it fresh. I ALWAYS learn something new listening to their podcast which goes live every Tuesday in the Podcast APP.


My other favorite weekly podcast is The Lively Show featuring Jess Lively. I am still on her 2014 episodes, but MAN am I hooked. She has almost 300 episodes launched since her initial podcast debut in 2014 and I cannot wait to be caught up.

This Podcast is SO inspiring. The point of the podcast is to bring a little extra intention to your everyday life. She interviews various business men and women, a lot who work from home or have their own business. She has questions from followers, as well as a few questions she asks every guest at the end of each episode. It is so inspiring to hear each and every one of their stories, and how a life with intention got them to where they are today.

Onto to the Self Care Sunday recap:

Last week I mentioned the importance of taking time over the weekend for yourself. I prefer Sundays because it helps me digest my weekend as well as prepare mentally for the week ahead.

This Sunday was jam packed. We are dog sitting for our friends, Anna + Doug, so we have a full house! Three pups + two cats + two humans. It is so fun getting to see all the pups play together.

I was VERY lazy this Sunday, and I don’t have lazy weekends. One of the many things Victor loves about me. *sarcasm* I really just wanted to sit on the couch and be a bottomless pit for any and all food I could get my hands on. Any guesses why, ladies? 😉

Anywho, Victor actually kicked my butt into gear and we finally hung stuff up in my office! I have all of my wall art up. It is 75% done, but stuff still needs a home. I will be sure to include a photo once it is complete! For now, there is a pile of makeup I don’t use daily thrown across my desk waiting to be organized.

I then was able to convince Victor to go to Home Goods AND World Market. Not only are they on opposite sides of town, but both could lead to me wandering the aisles aimlessly for lord knows how long, only to leave empty handed. Vicious cycle I am well aware of and accept. We didn’t have any luck at HG but we did hit the jackpot at World Market. We were able to snag patio furniture on sale for under $400!!!! From our previous online shopping for furniture, everything we wanted was around $1000 for a complete set and we wanted to be able to try it before buying it. We are over the moon excited about our findings as we spend a good chunk of our days and evenings outside with the pups. Slowly but surely we are creating our outdoor oasis. En route we have a rotating misting fan because, well, Florida summers. And I have found the coffee table I want, but I’m afraid it may take up too much space on the patio that’s left. Any suggestions friends? ( See pic below…also see my sweet Goose watching my every move from inside)

I ended my Sunday with a run, which doesn’t seem relaxing but I like doing something that gets me moving every day. Followed by pizza and rose with my man at home.

Life isn’t always glamorous. Post run, cluttered kitchen, wall that needs decorating. But I’m healthy, happy, and enjoying the *finer* things 😉

xx, Lauren.


4 responses to “My Favorite Podcasts + Self Care Sunday Recap”

  1. That’s so good to hear that you took some time for self care!! It’s so important.

    I am going to check out The Morning Toast! That sounds amazing, thanks for the tip!

  2. Camaryn says:

    Okay 1. Im OBSESSED with your new patio furniture. All you need are some plants and cute cushions now and then invite me over for some pizza and rosé and its a girls night, and 2. I also believe that self care is important and Sundays are my self care night too. I like washing all our sheets and towels and ridding the house of all trash and recycling. Its a fresh start too the week. Cheers sister!

    • lwallll91 says:

      Thanks love! Sad we live on opposite sides of the country 🙁 Totally agree on the fresh start to the week!

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