5 Tips To Get You Running

June 26, 2018

OK so these photos are exactly what I look like for a run. No makeup, hair thrown on top of my head, obviously workout clothes and we’re ready to roll.

I’m going to preface my tips ahead that I am NOT a runner. The longest distance I think I have run is a 5k. However, I do think this is helpful for those looking to get into running or run more than you currently do. Running is great, especially outside, because you really can engage your full body. Your legs obviously propel your body weight forward, your core remains tight, you arms help propel you forward as well. I am always POOPED after a good run, where a 20 minute stair master session leaves me sweaty but not as fatigued as a run.

Before I get into the tips, I do wear a sweat band and apply Sweet Sweat while I lift or do cardio to help pull a little extra water. It will not make your waist smaller physically but it does improve circulation to an area and helps stimulate sweating in the area it’s applied. Sweat is water (plus other stuff) that is exiting your body. I don’t have anything more scientific for you there, all I can say is do your research before trying anything. The only thing that will help you lose weight is proper diet and exercise! There are no shortcuts.

1. Prepare

Stretch, hydrate, fuel. If you can run on an empty stomach, power to ya. However, this girl needs a little grub in her belly before any physical activity. Obviously before any activity you want to stretch and get your muscles warm to prevent injury. Get in a good full body stretch and warm up by doing some jumping jacks, run in place, a brisk walk…you get it. Hydration is obviously key because you will sweat and the last thing you want is to be dehydrated while running. There are cramps that can and will happen if you are not properly hydrated.

2. Start Slow

Don’t have your first run ever or in a while be long distance. Start with what you can handle. Whether it’s a mile, how fast you can run a mile, etc. Shoot, maybe your goal is to run down the street and back. Ease yourself into running and challenge yourself to go a little farther each time. For instance, my first run in years I wanted to see what my mile time was. I’m active so I knew I could run a mile but I didn’t know my actual time. That way I was able to gauge my future runs based on that initial mile pace.

3. Jam Out

Have a playlist ready or make a playlist full of songs that get you going. Spotify is my go-to. I can pick a playlist based on my mood and how fast or slow I want to pace myself. Music will help you push through those tough parts when you want to give up and also push you harder when you’re getting a second win.

4. Mix it up

Change up your route and keep it fresh! The beauty of running outdoors is you can bask in the ambiance. I don’t enjoy cardio at a gym because you stare at the same spot for twenty minutes. Run at your favorite park or learn the random side streets of your neighborhood. Sometimes I have Victor drop me off at a point that is a certain mileage from our house and I have no choice but to run at that point.

5. Reward yourself

It can be something small like a glass of wine at the end of the week or something like new workout gear. Either way, treat yo self for setting goals and accomplishing them. Maybe your goal is to run one day this week. Do it. Set a goal, stick to it, and give yourself a little self praise when you kick some ass.

I hope these tips helped you and inspired you no matter what you apply it to.

Do you like the fitness tips? Or do you like specific workouts and exercises? Or do you not give two squats *no pun intended* about fitness? Let a gal know. I can only give the people what they want if the people let me know!!

-xx, Lauren.

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