Sephora Haul

July 13, 2018

Another Sephora haul, friend. And do I love them!

Let’s kick it off.

There were a few items I needed to purchase to replace product I had run out of and wanted to try something new. Actually most of this order is a replacement with the exception of one item that I just wanted to try.

I REALLY like this Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind shampoo. Combined with the Don’t Despair Repair hair mask, they are a match made in heaven. My hair is so clean, so soft, and I am able to maintain my style for days. When I’m starting to see some brass in my color, I will mix a little purple shampoo.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this Sol De Janeiro Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil…..until I wore white. It really moisturizes your skin and leaves it looking incredible, but it completely stained the entire waist band of a pair of white joggers. If this product didn’t transfer as much as it did on white I would be using it daily. Sadly, I can’t risk losing my clothes to a beautiful body oil.

Upon first use, this Saturn Sulfur Acne Mask didn’t woo me. It felt like a weaker version of the Amazonian Aztec Clay Mask. The next day my breakouts were pretty much all dried out, and I had no new ones pop up. It is effective, however, I think I will continue to use the lesser expensive, more intense Aztec Clay mask.

I have been using concentrated Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatments for a few years now. I decided to give Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment a run again. I used to use this product back in high school as a recommendation from my mom. Boy is this a good one. In fact, I prefer it to products like a Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It is slightly tinted but dries down clear which allows you to use day or night and avoid walking around with a pink clay spot on your face. Also there’s no scrubbing the product off, and it is extremely effective. My acne doesn’t stand a chance against this bad boy.

I have always wanted to try Murad products because I have heard they are great for acne prone skin. I decided to order the Time Release Acne Cleanser and so far I am content with it. I do use two rounds of micellar water to remove my makeup before cleansing. This is not a cleanser to use to remove your makeup entirely, especially with some of the ingredients in this product you will want to avoid the eye area. It does not lather, but leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. It definitely makes your skin feel clean without stripping too many natural oils. I have yet to see the effects of the Retin-A just yet, but my breakouts are definitely diminishing. Could be a combination of products in this order also.

I was in need of a new hair oil after the one I had for FIVE YEARS finally ran out. So, I ordered a few. I did not like OUAI’s hair oil. The smell is a bit old lady perfume-esque and even after 2-3 pumps I felt as if the oil wasn’t doing much other than taming fly aways. If you can look past the smell and only want to tame stray hairs this is for you. I wanted to love the Briogeo Rosarco Hair Oil after having such success with the other products. It fell flat also. The smell is good, but the product itself didn’t do much. Initial application was ok, but by the end of the day my ends felt dry despite applying oil that morning. My favorite of the three, and potential new hair oil, is the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil. I love this oil because it is meant to put on wet hair and protect while heat styling. Normally you would want to avoid an oil before blowdrying because it normally would cause more damage to your hair. This product smells divine, and in combination with the shampoo + conditioner and above, plus the primer by Bumble & Bumble my hair looks and feels incredible.

I have wanted to try the Koh Gen Do foundation for YEARS. But every site it was available on had a terrible return policy if I didn’t like the product or ordered the wrong shade. When Sephora announced it was carrying the line and the product I wanted, I placed an order IMMEDIATELY. This foundation provides a light to medium-full coverage. Not entirely full though, but it is buildable. It has a radiant finish that is oh-so skin like. I think this is a great summer foundation as it goes on very light and you can achieve a light to almost full coverage look with this one bottle.

I also wanted to get my hands on the new Annie Lawless foundation. It is a full coverage foundation. Like FULL, FULL coverage. While the Koh Gen Do is a very watery foundation, this one is thick and a little goes a long way. My one stickler with this product is it does last on the skin for a very long time, but I did notice that it settles into lines after extended wear. If you’re the type to carry tools to combat this issue throughout the day, but for those that like to set and forget, it may not be for you. I did mix the Koh Gen Do and Lawless Foundation together and achieved a full, radiant, long wearing foundation but did still notice settling after about four hours.

I have recently fallen back in love with Bare Minerals Original Foundation. I wore this product pretty much all through college when I started getting into makeup and realized why I loved it so much. It is so beautiful, and for a powder, gives you such a glowy and natural finish. I ran out of the shade I was using (which didn’t match perfectly) so I needed to restock & order my correct shade.

What products from Sephora are you loving right now?

What products do I need to order or would you like me to review? Sound off in the comments below!

-xx, Lauren.

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