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July 16, 2018

Even though not pictured, Victor and I have made it a priority with both Goose & Maverick to constantly socialize them. If we can bring them, they are coming with us. Even though brunch every Sunday may seem a bit excessive to some, it is a perfect opportunity for us to expose the boys to all kinds of people in all sorts of states if you know what I mean (inset bottomless beverages here). Most “experts” will say you need to expose your new puppy to any and everything by the time they’re 16 weeks. Seeing as most laws say you can’t have a puppy until they’re 8 weeks old, this makes it hard to cram EVERYTHING in, in an 8 week window. For us, socialization is a life long practice. What we expose Maverick to, we are exposing Goose over and over as well.

Yesterday, in lieu of a full brunch we opted for a round of drinks and an appetizer. It was HOT outside. The boys got to practice their skills, meet a few new friends, and we got to enjoy each other’s company outside of the house.

This may sound weird to correlate socialization to dogs in humans but bear with me. If you have your same routine, same spots, same life, you’re only going to be exposed to the individuals who mirror yours. For instance, if you go to the gym at the same time every time you will typically see the same crowd over and over with a few new faces thrown into the mix.

You have to constantly spice up your life. Join community organizations, try a different happy hour on Friday, do something that shakes up your routine. Those moments where you feel fresh & vulnerable are the perfect opportunity to spread your butterfly wings and grow. Okay, again a bit excessive, but I hope you get what I’m saying.

I get there are people who LOVE a routine. Even I enjoy the comfort of a routine during the work week. We mainly focus on a routine when we feel like our lives are “boring”. But have you ever stepped back and looked at how your routine could be affecting your social skills or ability to grow as an individual?

Meeting new people in new environment with new ideas helps you develop into your own, and expand on your greatness.

I challenge you to do one thing this week that pushes you out of your comfort zone. If a puppy can do it, so can you ;).

-xx, Lauren.

p.s. Unrelated, but the top I’m wearing is from Free People last year. I did link a few alternatives that are similar but equally as lovely!

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